U pull it Auto Salvage yard are places where you go to buy used auto parts, this parts come from vehicles that are sold to the scrap yard, or bought from Auto insurance auctions, most are cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans.

This vehicles have been drained from all hazardous liquids and gases, you can dismantle any of them in any way you want to get to the part you need.

Our yards don't provide you with tools or a mechanic to help you get your part, but if you ask around there is some people that charge a determined amount of money to pull the part for you. Auto Salvage yard places only allow a person who is over the age of 16 to their yard for obvious reasons, your kid gets hurt and they get in trouble. Most Auto Salvage places charge a fee to get into the yard, those prices vary from $1.00 - $3.50

The prices at every auto salvage place varies, they set their own prices and those prices could change at any time. Also if you have a car you don't need or that is not working, you can donate it for a tax deduction or sell it for the cash.

Cresent U Pull It Auto Parts

Here at Cresent – U- Pull – It Auto Parts we are family owned and operated with 100+ years experience in used auto parts.

We have several options for you to choose from for all your used auto parts needs. You can pull it yourself to save money or we can pull it for you. We have a locating service that connects to 100s of partner yards throughout the United States and Canada so no part is too hard to find. For your convenience we accept cash Visa and Mastercard and business checks.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. All our parts come with a 30 day guarantee. We carry foreign domestic cars and trucks. We are open 7 days a week 364 days a year (closed only on Christmas). We also buy used and junk cars at the most competitive prices. So either come on down and walk our u pull it yard of 8+ acres of organized inventoried cars or give one of our sales associates a call and they will be glad to assist you.

We buy junk vehicles – We are your full service yard

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